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We’ve put together the most comprehensive program for aquaponics that will teach someone with little to no skills how to use aquaponics to serve the purposes of producing food for a community or for a personal hobby.

We take pride in teaching proper aquaponic techniques that are proven to work and that will give students the confidence to build and operate an aquaponics system with success.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to build multiple aquaponics systems ranging from simple home systems to advanced production systems
  • How to properly design and arrange the various components of an aquaponic system so it functions properly
  • How to size any system to meet your hobby or commercial system needs
  • How to create the perfect balance between the fish, plants, and bacteria
  • How to take your system from start to finish without killing your fish and plants
  • How to properly maintain water quality
  • How to use testing instruments to understand you system
  • How to remove solid waste and what to do with it
  • The types of bacteria in aquaponics and how to use them in your advantage
  • Fish and plant harvesting and planting techniques


For this course you’ll need a computer/phone and internet access to view and complete the program.


We have complied 3 complete courses within this program to provide the most effective learning experience for each student. Two of the courses in this program are step by step video instructions on how to build a complete aquaponics system from start to finish and a list of material used in the process.

Our primary course (The Aquaponics God Course) is a 7 week program that will provide students with in-depth training on the 7 major areas of aquaponics.

At the end of each of the 7 modules there is a quiz where students demonstrate their understanding of the concepts taught within each module.

At the end of the 7 week course there is a final project that each student must complete in order to graduate from the program. The final project requires students to build an aquaponics system using the concepts taught in the course and submit a video demonstrating a properly functioning system. Once student have meet all the program requirements they will be awarded an Aquaponics God Certificate and an Aquaponics God Plaque - Both will be mailed to the graduating student.

This entire program is 99% video instruction providing live examples of the material being taught. This program consist of interactive video lectures that are designed to keep the students engaged and learning throughout the entire video.

Who Is The Target Audience?

This program is not designed for everyone. At this time we are only accepting students that fall within one of the requirements below. We have established these requirements to better serve the students that enroll.

  • Are you’re looking for an in-depth program that will teach you how to turn your passion for aquaponics into a viable skill that can be used for a new career? If this is you then we want to help you!
  • Are you a hobby grower that respects the true art and science of aquaponics and wants to master your craft while skipping past the time consuming and extremely costly mistakes made by most untrained aquaponic growers? If this is you then we want to help you!
  • Are you looking to use aquaponics to provide a consistent food supply to your family and want to use proven techniques and methods as your foundation? If this is you then we want to work with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to finish the program?
It typically takes students anywhere from 4 to 6 months to complete the program
How and when can I access the classes?
The course material is available 24/7 for students to access. Our platform material can be accessed from both cell phone and computer.
Are there any contracts?
There are NO contracts and students are free to cancel at anytime.
What are the requirements to finish the program?
To successfully complete the program students must pass all quizzes and submit their final project to the school for review.

So good! I am really interested to improve my knowledge about different types of commercial Aquaponics System. Very good explanation of how ecosystem works and also the close relation between natural ecosystem and Aquaponic.

-Sayed Kazem Mousavi Nejad

I recently moved into my new place with one acres of land. I am starting Aquaponics for commercial purpose, been building for 3 months now. Thanks for covering the basic and advanced courses.


Thank you so much for sharing your time to teach. I have enjoyed all your courses material and youtube videos. Keep up the great work!

-Alfredo Sanchez

Wonderful info! There is so much more to learn about aquaponics. Thanks for your demonstration.

Thank you for the explaining I would like to be the first to do it here un Senegal West Africa with your help I think it's possible.

-Bamba Amar

I love aquaculture.. I have a small pond since two years with some coi fish.. This gave me the idea to start something for my future.. maybe for my retirement.. thanks in advance..

-Yashwansingh Babna