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Here at the Aquaponics Official Forum, you may learn from many others just like you. Share great tips and network with your nearest growers. A community where your questions can be answered and any challenges you come across will be solved. I know the pain with mistakes doing aquaponics by yourself, allow the Aquaponics Community to provide you with all the help you need.

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Brooklyn Saint Mickell
Brooklyn Saint Mickell

Brooklyn began his mission as an Aquaponist in 2011 while recovering from a near-death incident that forced him into an early retirement as a US Marine. The tragic incident left him in search of a new career.

During that time he was introduced to aquaponics and had an instant affinity towards the method of farming. In 2012, he finished his bachelor's degree in social sciences at Thomas Edison State University, and in January 2017 he finished his master's degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix.

Between that time he owned an operated an aquaponics business, which eventually led to the creation of The School of Aquaponics.

"To share my passion and knowledge of aquaponics with others is my official calling while i'm here on earth."

Brooklyn Saint Mickell

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