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We provide you with step by step instruction on multiple aquaponics system builds, and you can simply copy them or use them as a framework to custom build your very own setup!

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Once you complete all the course work and the final project you will be awarded with your hard earned Aquaponics God Certification. The Aquaponics God Certificate is the highest award you can earn in aquaponics. Not only will you be provided a certificate, but you’ll also receive a custom Aquaponics God Plaque for completing all the requirements!

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Finally you’ll have a skill that will enable you to use aquaponics to successfully raise and grow vegetables. The skills you learn at The School of Aquaponics are transferable to a new career or simply to fulfill your passion as a hobby grower period.

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Patrick, FI

I started as a hobby grower, but now I want to tackle a commercial size aquaponic system. This is where I need accurate information. I thought I knew a lot about aquaponics until I came across the School of Aquaponics. They provide valuable information to enhance my skills. Keep up the great work!

Ausgusto, Panama

I was so confused how to piece all the parts together for a media bed system. Plumbing, pumps, sump tanks and the correct order to assemble. Thanks for providing great courses to help beginners like me understand easily.

Jarvin S.

I love these classes. You guys have very organized and structured courses. By far the best aquaponics courses available anywhere. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the information!

Andrews, FI

Thanks for providing such great courses with accurate information.