Since the vegetables are grown using fish poop wouldn't the vegetables have a fishy taste?

- Amy

This question is a one that used to irritate me when I would hear people ask. Why? Because it only really takes the smallest amount of thinking and common sense to answer this question, but since there's a lot of people that do have this question I'm going provide more of an extended answer. For those out there that are just getting into aquaponics be aware that somebody is going to ask you this question, and you're going to have to provide some type of response. My usual response to the person asking the question is, have you tasted any vegetable that taste like taste like cow manure???? NEVER. Cow manure is often used as a source of nutrients to fertilize plants, and fish waste functions in the same manner.

Why plants don’t taste fishy

Let’s understand how the plants are supplied nutrients from fish poop.

  • The fish consume and metabolize the feed source they are supplied.
  • They use the feed source as an energy source to build and maintain their structures.
  • The feed source often contains excessive nutrients and non-digestible components that the fish’s body needs to regulate and excrete.
  • The excreted waste has organic compounds that plants need to build their structures and survive. The majority of all living organisms need the same nutrients but in different ratios.
  • At this point the plant still doesn’t taste like fish poop.
  • Once the plant is mature, humans come along and consume the plant.
  • The SAME nutrients that were in the fish feed, that were processed by the fish, and then taken up by the plants, is now inside of the YOU, the human.

Do you now taste like fish poop?

Brooklyn Saint Mickell