Q: Can you make any money doing Aquaponics?

- George

A: The simple answer to that is yes and no. Let me explain what I mean by that. Making money is always going to be dependent upon certain factors. One of those factors just happens to be work ethic. How willing are you to get out in the market and put maximum effort into selling you produce? What’s your plan to separates yourself from competitors? How are you going to get people aware of your business and brand?

Businessperson Before Farmer

Can you make money with aquaponics? Yes. IF you put in the effort and conduct yourself as a businessperson more than a farmer. Listen, you can make money doing anything. The question has little to do with aquaponics. There are people making millions of dollars selling pencils, so to ask if someone can make money doing aquaponics is a rhetorical question. There are certain things that people need in life. People don't need pencils to survive. Pencils are an accessory for people who need to write, but is this something that you need? Absolutely not. Do people need vegetables? Absolutely. If someone can make a million dollars selling pencils, skateboards, shoes or any object that people don’t need to survive, then you can obviously make money selling something that people do need to survive.

How Much Money Exactly?

Let me give you an example of the amount of money that you can make if you apply yourself. For example, imagine we have an aquaponics farm. We're going to use the NFT method of growing, and this farm is going to 8,000 holes that we can use to plant vegetables. We’re going to grow lettuce and charge $2.50 for each head of lettuce we produce. We're going to take the eight thousand holes and we're going to do succession planting and divide the 8,000 holes into 4 so we can have a harvest ever week. Lettuce usually takes around 60 day to grow, so what we are going to do is allow the lettuce to spend 4 weeks in the seedling stage before transplanting it to the main grow out stage to grow the remainder of the 4 weeks. This means we have 2000 holes each week with 2,000 vegetables in each hole. Remember, we are selling the lettuce for $2.50, so if we multiple $2.50 x 2,000 then we have a possibility of making $5,000 PER WEEK. This is the potential for an operation at this scale. This isn’t a large farm either. This would be achievable with about ¼ of an acre of land.

People Need Vegetables

Growing the product is the easy part. What you need to do is apply business principals to maximize your potential. If you o that then you can make as much money with aquaponics as you so desire. Remember that people NEED food, clothing, and shelter. Everything else is almost irrelevant. They’re accessories. Its aquaponics supplying one of those three NEEDS? YES. It’s supplying food. People need this product, so the potential to make a lot of money is definitely there.

Brooklyn Saint Mickell

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